Back in January, we got word that a queer Latina superhero was coming to Marvel, and it was just the news comic-lovers were waiting to hear.

The comic character, produced by queer Latina Gabbi Rivera, is named America Chavez. She's became a groundbreaking lead character in the animated world – both for the LGBTQ and the Latinx community.

Now, Marvel is taking Chavez to a whole new level with a new TV franchise.

According to BuzzFeed, Marvel Television has confirmed it's working on "Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors," a feature-length animated film that will focus on diverse superheroes for its 2018 release.

"It came out of a desire to be able to tell stories about characters that we think are the next great heroes of the Marvel Universe," Marvel's director of content and character development, Sana Amanat, said.

"I think it's incredibly important that we tell young women and young girls that they have this incredible power within themselves, and that they have heroes out there [who] ... they can look up to, especially in these times," she explained.

The Latina superhero will be voiced by Cierra Ramirez, known for her roles on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and "The Fosters."

cierra ramirez
photo: Splash

According to Marvel, she'll be "a strong, independent young hero whose painful past drives her to reject leadership and remain a loner. America’s powers include superhuman strength, speed, and durability, plus the ability to fly."

Other noteworthy characters include Dante Pertuz voiced by Tyler Posey and Captain George Stacy voiced by Steven Weber.

Ramirez said she's "honored" and excited to take on the revolutionary role.

Watch below for an exclusive look at the upcoming series: