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If you're a woman who has never crawled up into a ball and cried for your mother because of monster cramps — bless your heart! For those of you who are all too familiar with the agony I just described and are looking for a more "natural" remedy, you can now ease your cramps with weed. 

Marijuana company Foria has created Foria Relief, a vaginal suppository that's inserted like a tampon, giving you sweet, sweet comfort where you need it most. The company describes the product as a way "to maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without inducing a psychotropic high." Currently, a pack of four sells for $44. If you're wondering if it's effective, at least one woman loved it.

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Using weed to help with cramps just goes to show that there really seems to be no limit to all the medical benefits associated with weed. Marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes in 23 states and legal for recreational use in just four. But the majority of Americans think weed should be legal, and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders feels the time has come to "remove the federal prohibition" of the drug, the days of weed being banned may be over sooner rather than later in the U.S. Considering the numerous ailments that weed has been shown to treat, legalizing weed can certainly prove to be a relief to many Americans. Here are just a few of the conditions marijuana has been used for:


It can help with epileptic seizures

A 2015 study found that a drug with medical marijuana derivatives helped control seizures in young adults and children who had trouble finding relief through other treatments.


Eases pain for cancer patients

CBD, a chemical found in marijuana, has been known to help ease the symptoms or side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy-related nausea. 


Lower anxiety levels

When life gets too overwhelming, weed may be able to help. In 2014, researchers at Vanderbilt University discovered that the drug can help regulate anxiety. However, other studies have noted that weed can help a user feel more relaxed if the levels of THC (the chemical in weed responsible for the drugs psychological effects) are low. The higher the levels of THC, the more likely someone can become prone to anxiety. 

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Gut problems be gone

Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and ulcerative colitis are very uncomfortable conditions to live with. However, preliminary lab testing has shown that when weed compounds THC and cannabidiol combine with parts of the body that control gut function, they "allow the epithelial cells to form tighter bonds with each other and restore the membrane barrier." 


Keeps you slim

This may sound hard to believe, but according to a 2013 study, regular marijuana users had a smaller waist line than non-users, and researchers pointed out that those who enjoyed the ganja also had improved blood sugar regulation.


Slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease

Small doses of THC have been linked to slowing the production of beta-amyloid proteins, which have been linked to the progress of Alzheimer's.