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Yesterday it was reported that actress Megan Fox was pregnant with her third child. While this news should have been graced with congratulatory messages to the expectant mom, the announcement quickly turned into an episode of the Maury Povich show. You see when a woman is single, divorced, or just without a mate and is preggers, people quickly want to know "who's the daddy?" Which is what happened to Fox. 

Because the actress is in the midst of a divorce with Brian Austin Green, the rumor mill regarding who impregnated her was rampant. People speculated just about every dude that Fox has ever been pictured with, who by the way are mostly costars in projects. So not like it's any of our business who the dad is, Fox — who apparently has a great sense of humor — posted on Instagram a complete shut down on any speculation about her baby's daddy.  

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So there you have it people. These men are not the father of her future offspring, and you know what else? It shouldn't matter who is the father is! She's a grown woman, let her live. 

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Congratulations on your baby, Megan!