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Leave it up to badass and hilarious actor Melissa McCarthy to make THE entrance of the night at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards as she was crowd sourced to the stage to receive her Comedic Genius Award. But The Boss star also made history tonight as well as she is the first (la primera!) woman to receive this prestigious award. McCarthy is the third recipient of the award after Will Ferrell was honored in 2013 and Kevin Hart was in 2015, according to

In her acceptance speech, she humbly thanked all the female comedic geniuses calling herself a "human patchwork of all the remarkable women" before her. To name a few, she thanked Carol Burnett, Teri Garr, Lucille Ball, Diane Keaton, Whoopi Goldberg, Bette Midler, and, what gave us all the feels, her mother Sandra, who she said taught her to never fear being the butt of the joke, being likable, and to "lovingly go for the kill." 

Also worth noting, her newest flick The Boss "narrowly beat" Batman v. Superman at the weekend box office, according to So if you haven't caught up on this comedic genius's work, then make a night of it by catching up on our favorites like Bridesmaids and Spy where she steals almost every scene.