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If you needed more proof that Michelle Obama is the coolest, wait until you see this! Vine star King Bach posted a hilarious new promo for the second single, "Sorry," off of Justin Bieber's new album Monday night, featuring a cameo by who other than the first lady herself. The short clip actually serves dual purpose, to give Beliebers a taste of the new single and to promote the First Lady's new Better Make Room campaign, an initiative aimed to encourage teenagers to pursue higher education, whether college or vocational training. King is seen sliding into Michelle's campaign crowd wearing nothing but basketball shorts and a tank top. A little under dressed no? The expression on the First Lady's face is everything!

We're loving this and positive her daughters Sasha and Malia were digging it too. Not only is Michelle Obama a cool mom, but she's also a pretty cool first lady too. Before this presidency we would have never imagined a FLOTUS collaborating with a pop icon and social media star. Let's not forget her and Barack are also friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Seriously, it doesn't get any cooler than that. Here are 17 times Michelle Obama proved she was the coolest!

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