photo: iStock, Splash

Mother's Day is a joyful day for many, but can also be a painful reminder for those who've lost their moms. Social media feeds are filling up with people celebrating the special lady in their lives, and Mindy Kaling has found the perfect way for people to honor the mothers who have passed. She's invited her followers to tell her about their moms — to remember what made their mothers so special. Read her heartwarming post below.

The actor's mom passed away to pancreatic cancer in January 2012. The death devastated Kaling, who had an insanely close relationship with her mother. She even described her mom as "the love of my life." Despite the difficulty of coping with her mother's death, Kaling credits her mom's "no-nonsense attitude" with being a driving force behind her successful career. 

And her Mother's Day post today is a testament to Kaling's strength and vulnerability. She acknowledged the difficulty of this day, but created a space for people to open up and be real. Now hundreds of people have come to her Instagram account to share their memories of the wonder women they lost. Kaling was even surprised by it all and edited her original post to add: "These comments are the best. So many to respond to! I'm so lucky and please know I'm reading them all." 

If you've got the time, check out the post and read the beautiful, emotional posts people are sharing on the star's Instagram account.