There's something to be said about remaking films that play to our nostalgic little heartstrings. All Disney lovers have had their concerns and excitements alike with new versions of their favorite films, and Beauty and the Beast is no different. The teaser of the Disney classic retelling was just released, and we're not sure how we're supposed to wait an entire year to see it! The trailer gives the first look at Emma Watson as Belle, which seems like a fitting role for the feminist if you ask us. 

Though Watson definitely brings her feminist A-game to the mix, the true feminist hero is the screenwriter for the 1991 film: Linda Woolverton

"If you depict girls and women in these roles that we’ve never seen before, then it becomes an assumption for younger generations,” Woolverton said to TIME

Her fight to have a female Disney character represent women outside of the stereotypical scope was not easy. She reveals that she would write scenes that would be rewritten into female social constructs, to which a happy medium was met in forming Belle into a bibliophile. Woolverton may have not had all of her initial ideas pan out, but she didn't stop fighting to have a progressive female character. 

Woolverton said: "I feel an enormous responsibility, and I always have from when I wrote Belle." As the first woman to write an animated Disney film, we're sure that she felt the pressure.

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Interestingly enough, Woolverton was not a part of the reboot process. She said, "Belle is so close to my soul and my heart. So yeah, I’m honestly very protective.” She has good reason to be, too. After putting her heart and soul into a historical character like Belle, Watson has some pretty big shoes to fil,l and the movie itself has a lot to live up to.

Who knew that Beauty and the Beast had so much progressive, feminist history? Now we definitely can't wait to see it!