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Thankfully the leap day allowed us to enjoy an extra 24 hours to binge any final show or movie that was left on Netflix before it revamped its catalog for the upcoming month. Even though the weather is slowly starting to show signs of spring, our couches still are incredibly comfortable and the fresh lineup of things to watch streaming provider might stall us a little longer from embracing the great outdoors. You can't deny the excitement you get as a new month rolls around because you know the Netflix gods will always bless us with something great to indulge in. To make your Netflix search a little easier, we’ve rounded up 13 new additions to its library that you’ve gotta watch. 

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'Ahora o Nunca'

Everything that could go wrong during a wedding, does! (Available March 1)


'Adult Beginners'

You know this is going to be good if Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne are in it. (Available March 1)


'Before We Go'

Another New York City tale of love. (Available March 1)


'Good Burger'

Nineties nostalgia to the extreme! F*ck yeah! (Available March 1



"Say hello to my little friend." (Available March 1)


'House of Cards': Season 4

FINALLY! (Available March 4)


'Hateship Loveship'

We're down to watch anything Kristen Wiig is in. (Available March 10)


'Finders Keepers'

Horror movies shouldn't only be reserved for Halloween time. When will people learn that creepy dolls are always the problem!? (Available March 15)


'Charlie St. Cloud'

Zac Efron shows off two skills: 1) Sailing, and 2) being able to see his brother who has passed away. (Available March 16)


'Daredevil': Season 2

Marvel fans get ready! (Available March 18


'Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday'

Pee-Wee is finally going on his first vacation ever. (Available March 18)


'The Forbidden Kingdom'

No martial arts movie is complete without Jackie Chan and his epic skills. (Available March 24


'Sunshine Superman'

This movie will get your heart racing! (Available March 31