Season 4 of "Orange is the New Black" did not shy away from themes of power and race, including highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality. With the series covering all these heavy-hitting topics, racial divide between the inmates took center stage. 

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The new influx of inmates to Litchfield had a direct impact on the Latina inmates, emphasizing the changing dynamics between the women in the Spanish Harlem clique. After such an eventful season, we ranked the Latina characters of "OITNB" based on everything that went down over the past 13 episodes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution. 


Marisol "Flaca" Gonzalez (Jackie Cruz)

We learned a lot about our favorite emo Latina from her backstory in Season 3, including the drug-related crime that got her sent to Litchfield. So we were bummed that she got sidelined in the new season — it breaks out heart because we want more Flaca!


Aziza a.k.a. "Ouija" (Rosal Colón)

As part of the overflow of new inmates, Ouija made herself known right off the bat in the first episode. When she poked fun at Flaca for only drawing on her "tears" and explained to her that she didn't kill one person, but three (as she pointed to her own tear drop tattoos), you know she didn't play any games.

Speaking of games, she was also strategic in figuring out who was the "jefa" (boss) of the Litchfield inmates. After finding out that it was Piper, she zeroed in on her and made sure to keep the peace — but not for long. She knew that the Latinas outnumbered the other racially-divided groups and convinced the OG Spanish Harlem women to start their own business and take down Piper's. For a new character, she packed a mean punch.


Dayanara Diaz (Dascha Polanco)

Daya's storyline this season was affected by the fact that her mother was released from prison. She had to learn how to hustle behind bars, and joined up with new inmate Maria's crew (despite Gloria's disapproval).

But mostly Daya scores major points for being at the center of the season finale cliffhanger. We're on the edge of our seats waiting to see if she'll pull the trigger on the guard because...holy shit, was that intense. 


Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva)

Gloria is known as the matriarch of the bunch, and that remained the case throughout Season 4. She continued to have strong opinions about how things were being run in Litchfield (including whom Daya chose to hang out with), but her guilt about her role in sending Sophia to solitary confinement (the "SHU") led to one of the season's best moments.

It was perfect that Gloria was the one who was able to kick the Dominican ladies out of the salon to allow Sophia back into her rightful space, including helping her put her wig back on. These two had been on the outs for so long, it was nice to see them begin to reconcile.


Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero)

We finally found out Maritza's backstory, and it really made you see that she's more than just a pretty face (the way she had been portrayed throughout the show). The confidence she exhibited in using her looks to help her steal money from her bartending gig and steal luxury cars was kind of impressive.

She used her old-school tricks to help the Latinas start their own panty and drug business, by smuggling the goods in the car that she drives with the guards. But Maritza's best character moment was when she realized that her actions were putting her safety at risk. She put a full stop to the dangerous plan and didn't care if it meant being exiled from the only crew she's known inside of jail. Even though Maria is pissed off with her messing with their business, she respects Maritza — in fact, everyone learns to respect Maritza. 


Aleida Diaz (Elizabeth Rodriguez)

Aleida could have earned the third spot just for her epic line "It’s sardine time, bitches!” once the new inmates flooded their space. But she also exhibited a lot of interesting growth — plus she was able to finally leave Litchfield.

After convincing Pornstache’s mom that Daya's baby died during labor, her boyfriend Cesar took the newborn but ended up in jail, thus the inevitable happened: Daya's baby and Aleida's other kids ended up in foster care. After she learned what happened, she saw her early release from jail as an opportunity to finally make things right for her family.

Also: Hooray to one of the Latinas getting out of prison!  


Maria Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel)

Talk about a phoenix rising. 

Maria made it a mission to be the head honcho of the Spanish Harlem squad. Everyone looked up to her, listened to her, and followed her orders — she became the king behind bars. For a new character on "OITNB," she made a strong impression, which is why she ranks so highly on the list.

But were also given her backstory, and saw that she was raised with an emphasis on strong Domincan pride, which helped us understand why she had trouble connecting with the other Latina women, and why she even chose to remain in the background of certain situations. But like her father, her story came full circle and she became everything she hated about him. 

Maria is not lovable, but she's definitely interesting, and we'll be interested to see what is in store for her next season.


Blanca Flores (Laura Gómez)

The mysterious Blanca finally got her time in the spotlight, proving herself worthy of the top spot on this list.  

We were finally able to see her brilliant and funny side when she refused to shower and doused herself to avoid stinky scents to avoid getting frisked by the COs. Blanca was also surprisingly ruthless — holding down Piper to get the swastika burned onto her arm was a jaw-dropping moment. And her defiant reaction to being forced to stand on the cafeteria table was one of the highlights of the season.

We love when "OITNB" elevates a background character into a fully-fledged person with an interesting backstory, and we were so happy that Blanca received this treatment this season.