Orange Is the New Black is back! But only for a quick reading. Jenji Kohan brought the cast together to recite a 'Twas the Night Before Christmas parody, 'Twas a Night in Litchfield, where the cast takes turns reading a part of the poem.

“An old white dude was standing there, looking confused,” says Jackie Cruz a.k.a. Flaca. “Man, what you got in that bag?” asks Selenis Leyva a.k.a Gloria.

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We can only guess who the old white dude is, but what happens next shouldn’t be too surprising. Spoiler alert: They end up robbing poor ol’ Saint Nick, and you can be sure they won’t need a good supply of eyeliner, tampons, porn (for the guards), or real food for a while.

To hear the rest of the poem, watch the video above, and Happy Holidays!

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