We're all this guy screaming, "The Queen of Mexican-American music, boy! SELENAS!"

photo: YouTube/FBE

The way Selena Quintanilla has impacted people across the world does not go unnoticed.

In a recent video, Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE) had nine adults react to Selena Quintanilla videos and it was to no surprise that they knew exactly who she was and the legacy she left behind. As they saw and listened to seven of her popular hits, they explained the magic behind the Queen of Tejano music — and shed a few tears along the way.

They nailed how important she was to the Latinx community.

"There was not as much visibility as there is now for Latinos — Mexican-Americans — and she was on the verge of that. She was giving us a face… a voice," said Jonathan, a participant in the video.

Selena won a prestigious grammy in 1993 for best Mexican-American album, and that alone speaks volumes to her influence as an artist making waves for her culture on mainstream platforms.

They also talked about her crossover success and what that meant for representation in the music industry.

Selena did something that wasn't the norm during her time: She was able to connect with people in both English and Spanish. "She was making hits not only for our country, but she was making hits for Mexico — for Latin America," Sergio, one of the reactors, said

She was working on her first English-language album but was killed before it could be released. "It was her dream to have an English-language album out, and it will be out," her sister, Suzette, told the Los Angeles Times in an interview in 1995. 

"If you don’t know Selena, do yourself a favor. This is American music history, this happened here. You need to go and listen to [her music]," Sergio said.

Of course they pointed out her impeccable fashion sense and reminisced about how easy it was for anyone and everyone to fall in love with her.

From her "dynamic personality" to her smile, Selena was a genuine person you felt like you could relate to.

And you can't look back at Selena videos without recognizing how incredible her voice was that it could, quite literally, move you to tears.

"Listening to her music, all you can do is just smile or cry," Kristine noted.

As they watched her videos, they still could not come to terms with her death — a feeling most of us all know too well.

"I’m emotional, I told you. I just seriously think of her and I’m just like, ‘What could’ve been?,’" Jonathan said. 

But even though she's gone, she continues to inspire and empower people.

"It’s women like her, and people like her, that give me the strength to put myself and my opinions out there, and to hopefully affect change — positive change — into the world," Jonathan added.

Prepare to feel every emotion under the sun by watching the full video here: