On Tuesday, June 27, the world shifted. Rihanna fans around the world found out the singer was boo'd up and proceeded to freak out.

They lost it when photos hit the internet of their fave in a pool kissing on a new man while vacationing in Spain.

Within hours RiRi's mystery bae was identified as Saudi heir Hassan Jameel, whose family is reportedly worth $1.5 billion.

According to the Daily Mail, Jameel's family fortune comes from owning the rights to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia.

Once fans let that all sink in, they did the most logical thing you can think of — immediately embark on getting themselves a new boo.

But since this new romance came out of nowhere, the heat to find a new conquest was on!

But fans aren't just settling for anyone.

They want a bae from the Arabian Peninsula, too.

And they're willing to go the extra mile for it.

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