photo: Giphy

Oh, Rihanna, we thought it wasn't possible to fall in love with you anymore than we already have, but you continue to show us that we're oh-so-wrong. Your style is impeccable, your music is the sh*t, and your hidden talents blow our mind. So what else should we have expected when we saw you protect your glass of wine — like your first-born child — when you lost balance on your epic swan float? Nothing less than true heroism. We're not even sure how someone could look so flawless in this type of situation, but you've proven that no natural element could tear you apart from that vino

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It's safe to say that Rihanna is the real MVP of summer already and it's just barely kicked off. Even when she nearly toppled right out of that infinity pool, she knew that her wine was priority numero uno. So the next time you're faced with a life or wine situation, think to yourself: WWRD?