photo: Robert Aguire

Roberto Aguire’s acting career took an interesting turn when he was cast as Liam Greene in the ever-so-popular TV series Pretty Little Liars.

“I was definitely intimidated at first. I thought ‘I really have to brush up on my ‘Pretty Little Liars’ history. I’m going to have to study all these charts’ (laughs),” he says.

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Not only was the show already five seasons deep, but Aguire didn’t know much about it before landing the part. Still, he stepped up to the challenge and is so glad he did. 

“Luckily for me my character comes in after a five-year time jump so I actually got to start with a blank slate,” he explains about his character Greene, described as a handsome editorial assistant from Boston who is a sweet, doting professional, working alongside Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale.

While Aguire has worked in TV before, nothing could have prepared him for the power of the PLL fans, especially on social media.

“The social awareness is something I hadn’t experienced before and its madness and amazing at the same time,” he says, adding that he quickly saw how fans took sides depending on whether they liked Liam or not. 

“It’s kind of like walking into a courtroom and instead of 12 jurors you have 12 million,” he says laughing.

Although the show’s worldwide social media draw may be a bit surprising and new for Aguire, there’s nothing new about him thinking globally. In fact, it’s at the very core of who he is and how he was raised.

“I’m originally Mexican. Both my parents are Mexican. I grew half my life in Mexico and then we actually moved to Geneva, Switzerland and I grew up the rest of my childhood there,” he explains. “So I’m kind of a mutt. (laughs) I don’t really belong in one place and yet I belong everywhere.”

Aguire quickly found that he is not alone and that growing up the way he did — adapting to different cultures and languages around the world — was something others could relate too.

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“We’re called the Third Culture Kids,” he said. “You’re parents are one culture, you grew up in a different culture and yet you identify with a third culture. We have this loss of identity because we’re so multi-national.”

And the global access of the Internet is only helping this “TCK” sub-culture grow.

“You’re able to get from here to Hong Kong on a plane in 18 hours, but you’re able to send an email directly in a millisecond,” Aguire says. “So now what’s happening is you have more travel around the world and people, especially kids, that are growing up all over the place and there’s not one place they call home.”

Aguire has found a home within the “TCK’s,” which has not only helped him find an identity he can relate to, but also a girlfriend. 

“When I met my current girlfriend, she’s also a TCK, she’s from three different places and immediately there was a connection,” he says. 

While he did not confirm whether the lady he spoke of was his rumored girlfriend Emma Watson, it is a nice coincidence that the Harry Potter star was born in Paris France, raised in England, and graduated from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Hmm . . . 

Back to the topic at hand, Aguire adds, “There’s enough TCK’s to create our own little culture. It’s really an interesting things that’s happened, Third Culture Kids, but it’s what I most identify with.”