Romeo Santos, king of bachtata, is back to steal our hearts just in time for Valentine's Day. He has a new, jazz-infused single called "Héroe Favorito" — and his own superhero makeover from Marvel

The new song is about rescuing the object of his affection from an ill-fated love.

"Her parents are trying to set her up with this other guy. At least from my perspective, she's not too enthusiastic about it, so in my imagination, I'm like, if I were a superhero I would protect her," he told Billboard.

"I have strength like Hulk, climb up 100 feet to her balcony like Spider-Man, a lot of metaphors."

With a story like that, it made total sense for Santos' management team to set him up with Marvel to create the perfect artwork featuring "a photo real" version of our musical knight in shining armor as the superhero he already is.

This is seriously marketing genius!

When he dropped his final masked look with a snippet of the track, fans everywhere lost their minds.

And who can blame them? Santos never lets us down.

We're sure there are a few people out there who would put themselves in the clutches of death if it meant getting saved by Santos.

But of course some fans who saw the image of the iconic bachatero as a superhero took the opportunity to make some hilarious jokes.

We couldn't help but laugh.

We can already hear guys telling us that they are only trying to be our #HéroeFavorito now.

But try as they might...

No one can compete with the one true king.

Is it the 13th yet?!