We live in the world of pics or it didn't happen — but even that isn't enough these days. Rosario Dawson knows that all too well after the unreal reaction she and her new man received when they shared some sweet photos on Valentine's Day.

Dawson and comedian Eric Andre surprised the world when they chose the special day to confirm they were an item.

"Happy Valentines Day my love! #MyCuddlyValentine #Valentines," Dawson wrote as a caption for this picture on Instagram.

And if the comments were any indication, fans were not buying it.

"FAKE NEWS," read one of the comments under this photo on Andre's account.

Many were low key throwing shade at Andre.

But most of all, people were just plain SHOOK!

Even Chance the Rapper couldn't believe it and texted Dawson to confirm if it was a joke.

Then Andre turned around and produced another adorable receipt.

And for the people who were STILL doubting the validity of the relationship, the duo stepped things up a notch...

"I think we have to touch tongues bb because people think this is a prank," Andre shared on Instagram.

"Tongues or it didn't happen" is about to become a new motto. You heard it here first.

Even though haters will stay it was Photoshop...

That didn't stop Andre from posting several other heartwarming photos and countless heart emojis on his feed.

Andre knows just how lucky he is and isn't afraid to show it!

You have to love that!