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Even when Ryan Reynolds is being super adorable with his wife, he's still swooning the hell out of us. The 39-year-old actor won Best Comedic Performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards and couldn't help but shout-out his wifey, Blake Lively. During his acceptance speech Reynolds shared why he stays flexing his funny-man skills, saying "Everything I do is to make her laugh, especially the sex." 

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Reynolds definitely made us chuckle and blush a bit with that one. But he's onto something by keeping humor a priority in his relationship since science has proven that women prefer funny men. A study from Stanford University's School of Medicine found that from a young age, women are predisposed to preferring funny men. Based on the findings, women have evolved to enjoy humor, while men have evolved to produce humor. In fact, women will take a man's ability to make us laugh as a way of judging if he'll be a good partner and father. We've got to agree with science here — a man who can make us laugh is a winner, for sure.

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If humor is any indication, Reynolds is absolutely killing it in both the dad and hubby department!