Jesus, take the wheel! Salma Hayek is getting slammed on social media over her donation to UNICEF's relief efforts to help the Mexican people who have been devastated by three natural disasters this month.

The death toll of Tuesday’s massive 7.1-magnitude earthquake that rocked Mexico City on the 32nd anniversary of their catastrophic 1985 earthquake has risen to over 200. This came days after the east coast of the country was hit by Hurricane Katia and the south was shaken by an 8.1-magnitude earthquake that destroyed buildings and claimed over 60 lives.

The actress shared English and Spanish-language videos on Instagram to tell the story of the tragic loss she suffered during the country's 1985 disaster. She then announced she would be donating $100,000, and urged her millions of followers to contribute as well.

"After the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, I was evacuated from my building," Hayek said in the English version. "A lot of friends died, including an uncle that was very, very close to me. I have lived through the aftermath of a disaster of this magnitude and it’s horrific. 

I am starting a Crowdrise to try to raise money to help the families that are going through this nightmare right now in Mexico. I implore to the goodness of your hearts, to your compassion, to help. Anything that you can give will make a big difference. For starters, I will match the first $100,000 that are donated. All you have to do is click the link in my bio."

It was a powerful video, and yet there were people who chose to focus on the amount of money she was donating instead of her message. They proceeded to drag not just her, but her husband, French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, as well.

It was the J.Lo and A-Rod Hurricane Harvey scandal all over again, and she donated twice as much as them, proving once again that people will always find the negative in the positive.

The commenters across both videos felt Hayek's donation wasn't enough, especially taking into account her husband's wealth.

Hayek's fans who were touched by her generosity stepped up to defend the Mexican actress for her efforts.

But while the haters hate, Hayek's Crowdrise has already raised over $150,000.

How much money did that negativity contribute? That's what we thought.

You can contribute to her fundraising effort here.