Samantha Bee is not one to shy away from what she’s really thinking. In this seven-minute video Bee tells it like it is — F-bombs and all. She expresses her anger and rage over the Orlando shooting and the aftermath with a pinch of humor and speaks nothing but the truth.

“Mass shootings have become so frequent in this country, it seems like the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is another bad guy with a gun who coincidentally came to shoot up the same place,” she says. Unfortunately, she's not far from reality. Shootings are becoming so normal that in the video Marco Rubio casually mentions how this time it was "Orlando’s turn."


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This is wrong on so many levels, and Bee sarcastically points that out. We can learn a thing or two from Australia and its strict gun laws. “Australia hasn’t had a single mass shooting since The Fresh Prince left Belair and was never heard from again,” she says. 

Watch the full clip above and try not to cringe at Governor Rick Scott's response to the massacre. 

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