Retired Dominican baseball star Sammy Sosa has yet again emerged looking rather different than we remember him. 

It's been a few months since Sosa's controversial interview about the Homerun Derby, when fans simply couldn't contain their confusion, anger, and concern about Sosa's skin color.

sammy sosa

Plenty of people were making jokes, but others were disturbed by his skin color change, as Sosa has admitted to using skin bleaching products before. The problem is skin bleaching promotes colorism, or the idea that lighter skin is preferable to darker skin.

Newly surfaced photos show Sosa looking even lighter, and it's DEFINITELY not due to the bright flash of a camera.

The future looks bright for #SammySosa ⭐️

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Despite Sosa's big smile in the photos, fans again took to social media to express serious concern and wonder what the heck is going on.

Others are cutting to the chase and calling him out for allegedly whitening his skin.

Back in 2009, the newly retired player appeared looking much lighter for the first time.

sammy sosa
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In an interview, he denied that he was "rejecting his blackness" or the Dominican culture, but did admit to using a cream with a bleaching side effect. "It's a cream that I have, that I apply every night before bed to soften [my skin], and it has lightened it a bit."

He then added, "Do I want to look better? I've done that my whole life. I don't see anything wrong with that, and I have not forgotten where I come from." Yikes. That's an issue if he is indeed implying lightening his skin is making him look "better." The problem is, looking lighter-skinned doesn't necessarily mean you look better — that's a harmful belief.

Here he is in 2011:

Sammy Sosa
photo: Splash

But here he is in 2013, looking darker than the years before:

sammy sosa
photo: Splash

And just last year, in April, he looked like this:

sammy sosa
photo: Facebook/sammysosa

The back and forth is confusing, especially since we don't know exactly what Sosa has done (or not done) to his skin.

Sammy Sosa
photo: Reuters

One thing is for sure: If Sosa is trying to lighten his skin, it's not a good look for his Dominican roots or his standing as a baseball role model.