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Since news broke that Selena Gomez would be the next celeb to join James Corden on "Carpool Karaoke," the Internet has been abuzz with excitement. The late-night host made his Instagram debut last week with this photo, captioned, “Getting a lift to work with this little chaffinch today! This is my first Instagram post!!!!”

While the world wondered what songs the two would belt out together during the oh-so-famous late-night segment, there was actually a very different question that we simply couldn’t shake from our minds: Where’d she get that shirt?

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Paired with bright pink lips and some serious gold hoop earrings, Gomez’s colorful striped blouse has so much Latino vibe, we couldn’t help but wonder if it was some one-of-a-kind piece she snagged at a Mexican mercado as a tribute to her colorful Latin roots.

Not quite. But we can dream, right?

Upon further investigation, we quickly learned the bright lace number is actually part of Tommy Hilfiger’s Caribbean-inspired Spring 2016 collection, which British Vogue called, “The sort that look like they might be inspired by photographs of Bob Marley.”

Hmmm, we’re no fashion design experts, but something tells us that the Rastafarian style of Jamaica may not been the only thing that inspired Mr. Hilfiger when it came to this collection.

In fact, here are six things that prove Selena’s shirt is definitely sporting a Latino flair.


The Venezuela flag

The colors, the stripes. There's definitely a connection.

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A piñata

If there was a way to make a Mexican piñata into something cuter and wearable, Gomez's shirt would definitely be it. 


Colombia's soccer uniform

We'd say these were definitely a source of inspiration. 


An Ecuadorian folk dress

Can you spot the similarities? 


Mexican candy

Sweet and colorful.


A serape

What do you think?