Anyone who's even remotely heard of Selena Quintanilla knows she has a few popular nicknames such as Queen of Tejano, La Reina, and the Mexican Madonna.

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And if you happened to see the 1997 "Selena" movie (which you very well should have by now... ), you'll remember this popular scene:

This short moment in the movie brought on one of the most popular quotes related to the late singer: Anything for Selenas!

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The quote took off as a fun, quippy way to honor Quintanilla and show the utmost love for her.

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It's basically been plastered everywhere around the world – on billboards, memes, T-shirts, and posts.

But in a recent interview, Selena's sister, Suzette, explained the origin of the saying — and how Selena really felt about it.

The topic comes up around the 1:40 mark, when the radio host asks Suzette if anyone said "anything for Selenas" while setting her star down on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

No one quoted it during the emotional ceremony, but Suzette insists Selena wasn't too fond of the phrase because of its use of plurals.

“She hated that, you know that? She didn’t like to be called Selenas," she explained. "That’s why that part of the movie – 'everything for Selenas' – that’s why they stuck that in there, because she hated to be called Selenas.”

"She was like 'It’s Selena," Suzette added.

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The radio host totally understood the late singer being annoyed with hearing her name in that way so often.

Despite Selena's feelings on the saying, Suzette still loves hearing it from time to time to remind her of her sister.

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 “I love it, it’s all good," she said. "It’s an epic part of the movie that everybody relates to and it’s pretty cool.”