If you're a Selena Quintanilla stan (and why wouldn't you be?), you probably can't even count the number of times you've watched the "Selena" movie. And yet, there are still little details that come to light every now and then that even J.Lo would be surprised to learn.

Despite the fact that the 1997 film is the most famous take on Selena's life story, the movie was met with some criticism over the years.

Most of the backlash is because the movie cast Jennifer Lopez, rather than another Mexican-American to represent the late singer's prominent roots.

Now, mega fans have pinpointed yet another reason to call out the movie – and it has everything to do with Selena's beauty look.

A Selena meme account, @selenaquintanilla_memes, shared a huge revelation, noting that the filmmakers forgot to add Selena's iconic red lipsticked-microphone in the movie.

According to the meme, the top of Selena's microphone was always stained with red lipstick, which the movie simply forgot about.

Seriously, she was always up close and personal with the mic.

So much so that the top of the microphone may as well have been red instead of black.

The things she did for a good song....

It's called commitment.

It may seem like a small misstep to some, but Selena was known for her red lipstick and this detail matters — it's why her museum in Corpus Christi has her lipsticked mic on display.

Apparently, fans have been angry about the makeup mistake for years.

photo: Instagram/selenaquintanilla_memes
photo: Instagram/selenaquintanilla_memes

Nothing gets past Selena's army.

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