Selena Quintanilla was the queen of DIY. Along with her mom, she'd spend hours working on her now-iconic costumes and bustiers. She had an eye for fashion, which is why so many of her looks are still relevant and stylish till this day. 

Here are 11 women showing it's totally possible to recreate some of Selena's best looks for Halloween ... or just whenever.


Bedazzle mania.

This DIY look is spot-on, but definitely won't break your bank. 


That iconic purple look.

Don't feel bad if you can't get yours as perfect as this beauty's. She's a designer, which is understandably why hers fits like a glove.


One important accessory.

You know you can't forget the microphone. 


Green with envy.

Because this is too good.


Red hot.

Sequins will become your best-friend (or biggest enemy) after putting in the effort to recreate this look.


Not one detail overlooked.

The process to make this labor-intensive top seems long, but so worth it. 


Photoshoot fresh.

For the fan seeking comfort and style. 


Simple and flawless.

A bilingual tutorial shows you how to master this comfortable yet fashion-forward look.


Pearly whites.

We LOVE this look.

Also, our beauty and fashion associate editor Cindy Diaz found a way to use the pearls from this iconic bra on her face — yes, her face


Hints of gold.

And a ton of passion.


Rocker chic.

The leather and the rose are a must.