Selena Quintanilla and her sister Suzette had an unbreakable bond, and she shared that same love with her brother, A.B. Quintanilla III.

A.B. was the mastermind behind his sister's hits and, like Suzette, he was able to create magical memories with Selena while they toured the world and impacted people's lives through the power of their music.

"I had an awesome and beautiful sister that touched many hearts. She’s more important than what I am. I was asked during a recent interview about what I felt most comfortable doing. My comfortable job was making the hits for Selena. My job was to be the guy in the shadows. That’s the guy I liked being. Now I have to be the voice for her to make sure her legacy continues," A.B. told BMI. 

While the Tejano queen's death has been hard for the family, A.B. has lived up to his promise of honoring his sister and making sure that she's never forgotten.

Here are 14 photos of the inseparable pair that will fill you with so much warmth and love.


Young A.B. and Selena are giving us all the feels.


He was there by her side.


Their smiles could light up the room.


And they also knew how to dress to impress.


Just look at them following each other's lead.


Of course we had to add pictures of the trio.


We also need to talk about Selena and A.B.'s on-stage chemistry...


...because it was...


...SO good!


To be able to tour and perform with your sibling must have been a dream.


They also knew how to do what brothers and sisters do best: be goofy together.

He said the she photobombed him here!


Such cuties!


What they had was irreplaceable.

Now somebody pass us the tissues, please!