Almost two decades have come and gone since Selena Quintanilla passed, but she forever lives on in our corazones. The iconic singer lives on in the hearts of fans around the world, but thankfully there are videos that captured her irreplaceable spirit. In a time where her music spoke to us on an emotional level, it's nice to know the meaning behind some of her hits that break down who she really was. We searched the Internet to find the best clips of interviews that the star left for us to remember her by. They capture her energy, teach us a thing or two about her, and let us reminisce on her genuine passion. It's incredible to be able to look back on the Tejana star and see her in such a raw manner. So without further ado, we bring you the 32 interview clips of our favorite Latina that are worth watching.

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'Sábado Gigante,' 1994

Gotta love how honest she is about trying to learn Spanish, even though all her hits are en Español!


'Y Vero America Va,' 1992

Check out that blinged-out hat!


Interview with J.R. Castilleja

From her career takeoff to her view on abortion, this quick interview gives you a lot of insight to the legendary star. Down to the question, "How do you want to be remembered?" where she responded, 

"Not only as an entertainer but as a person who cared a lot and I gave the best that I could and I tried to be the best role model that I possibly could — the best person I could, I tried to help out ." 

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23 years old on 'El Show de Cristina,' Part 1

See how she handles the question about jealousy when Cristina Maria Saralegui mentions her husband, and then guitar player, Chris Pérez


23 years old on 'El Show de Cristina,' Part 2

The love for her fans is so clear and heartwarming in this interview.


23 years old on 'El Show de Cristina,' Full Interview

If you don't mind the logo across the video, this one's a good one to get through. Did you know that she did her own makeup and hair? She even did that beautiful updo for the interview herself!


Interview in Monterrey, Mexico


Interview with Gloria Calzada, 1994

She tackled the fake butt rumors like a boss, got real about loving sweets, and was excited about her movie role in Don Juan De Marco with Johnny Depp


Interview with Verónica Castro

A true workaholic, she touches on how she loved to design clothes on her time off, but she also made time to chill with her three pups! 

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Post Grammy Awards interview, 1995

Selena was a mega icon, but looked up to other artists as a fan herself. 


Channel 10 interview, 1993

Besides her father, her other influences were A Taste of Honey and AC/DC. 

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Interview in between takes for her Agree shampoo commercial

She talks about how she was going to do an educational video for students that tackled the history of Mexican-American music.


San Antonio, 1994

"I don't like to look too far into the future because sometimes that can be too disappointing."


'Hollywood Hoy' interview

You could feel the love and respect she had for her family in this interview. 


Miscellaneous interview

She stresses how "you gotta take what you can get" when you're first starting out in the industry. 


Interview with Selena in the studio

She let us in on the meaning behind some of her songs.


'Fin De Semana,' 1993

Fame never bothered her because she loved her job!


Interview at Rosedale Park

"I'd hate to count my chickens before they hatch."


Conference Lo Nuestro

Bust out the tissues as you watch the singer cry as she receives her awards right after her interview. 


Interview in McAllen, Texas

Look at how excited she is to find out that her appearance in an episode of Dos Mujeres Un Camino was the highest rated on Univision. 


Interview in Selena's boutique

She was definitely a style icon!


Interview before Astrodome performance, 1994

"I'm happy just to be alive."

Interview in Corpus Christi, Texas

Just look at how goofy she was! 


MTV, 1995

Her drive to make it in the English market was refreshing and showed how much she wanted it to work, no matter how hard it would be. 


Interview during the summer of 1992

Listen to her talk about her dreams — one of them came true.


'Control Show' interview, 1994

Watch her and Carlos Ponce make some tostadas while she chats it up about her music!

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Interview before En Vivo show

And she was a foodie too?! 


Interview with Johnny Canales, 1994

She sounded so excited about her travels — makes us want to book a flight, stat.


Interview after her fashion show, 1994

Though the quality may not be great, it's amazing to see her fashion show interview about her clothing line and how passionate she was about her design career. 


Interview at the baseball stadium in Monterrey, Mexico

Around the 6:00 mark she loses it because she quietly burps and it makes us love her that much more! 


Interview after Noche De Carnaval in Miami, 1995

We agree with the interviewer; she's so humble.


Another miscellaneous interview

She wanted to settle by 29, 30 years old. 

Any interviews that we missed? Let us know in the comments!