Everyone knows that being a successful musician pays — a fact which, even at the tender age of 10, Selena Quintanilla knew all too well. In this throwback interview, Our Queen revealed why she loved being in a band... and it gave us ALL the feels.

The clip starts with our fave charming the crowd, singing in Spanish, and swaying to the beat.

Then we jump to a reporter getting Quintanilla to confirm that she was in the fifth grade before asking the million dollar question.

"Tell me also how old you are and why you like to play in a band" he says.

Look at that face! It's like she already knows she's going to throw this reporter for a loop.

And with the sass that we know and love, Quintanilla fired back and said "I'm 10 and the reason I like to play in the band" before pausing for comedic effect...

"Good money!"

She broke into laughter after her response and it was so cute!

We bet the reporter wasn't expecting that answer! Quintanilla clearly knew that singing was a money-making tool from a young age.

Watch the full clip below.