Is there a Selena Quintanilla equivalent of turning on the Bat-signal? If not, someone needs to get on it, like, yesterday, and shine it bright: There's a Quintanilla children's book on the way and it is definitely going to sell out.

Latina BFFs Ariana Stein and Patty Rodriguez, the geniuses behind "Lil' Libros" — a series of bilingual children's books aimed at introducing children to their cultura and learning multiple languages — are adding the story of the Queen of Tejano to their line-up.

It's called "The Life of /La Vida De Selena: A Lil' Libros Bilingual Biography," and the message they shared with the book's announcement will make you shed a tear.

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The book cover featuring Selena in her iconic purple jumpsuit couldn't be more perfect! ($9, Amazon)

"This is our way of saying thank you, Selena," Lil' Libros shared on Instagram. "Thank you for your music, energy, and love. The love you had for us - your community. But most importantly thank you for allowing us to dream just like you did."

"This is how we can thank you. By never forgetting you; by sharing your smile, music, and life with our children. By reminding them that you were us."

"That you loved and sang in two languages. That wherever you went you were proud of who you were and where you came from."

"By keeping you part of our family just like our parents did when you were here. This is for you. Thank you."

BRB, crying forever! We couldn't think of a better way to thank Quintanilla for everything she did while she was alive.

We can't wait to get the book in our hands and see what Stein and Rodriguez chose to cover.

According to the description on Amazon, "Your little one will learn that Selena's favorite food was pizza and that the most important people in the world to her were her familia and fans."

We're pretty certain that this Lil' Libro will be an instant classic.

The book is expected to be released on March 6, 2018. To pre-order it on Amazon right now, click here.