When we found out that Chris Perez's book, "To Selena, with Love," was going to #bless us in the form of a television series, we collectively lost our shit. 

The TV series would follow Perez's book and tell Chris and Selena's love story, while also revealing some details that weren't in the book.

photo: HM Communications

But now, Selena Quintanilla's father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., has filed a lawsuit to stop it from happening.

The suit is against Perez and several production companies, one of which he co-owns. According to Forbes, Abraham filed the suit in a Texas court on Friday, December 2.

"[Chris] doesn't have the rights to publish a book or produce a television series based in any part on Selena,” Quintanilla's estate attorney, Simran A. Singh, explained to Forbes.

Two months after Selena's 1995 death, Chris signed an Estate Properties Agreement that made Selena's dad the exclusive rights holder of all "Entertainment Properties."

The suit in place declares that Chris is in violation of said agreement.

When "Selena, Con Amor" was published in 2012, Perez said that it was done with Abraham's blessing.

Perez told Billboard, "When I was done and talked to Abraham about it, he said, 'Son, if it's something you feel you need to do, you have every right to do it.'"

Ultimately, though, the book was unauthorized by the family. 

Fans are heartbroken that the TV show may not happen, and are responding with #ISupportChrisPerez.

Perez hasn't commented on the lawsuit, but he posted this frustrated message to Facebook fans.

No matter what happens, we hope that Selena's life will continue to be celebrated in film and TV because we can never get enough!