Día de los Muertos is a chance for people to remember and honor loved ones lost. In the case of many Selena Quintanilla fans, this is there chance to celebrate the late Queen of Tejano by creating altars that pay homage to her life.

In these 16 altars, fans used different "fotos y recuerdos" in their unique and special creations. 


Tasty treat

Leaving food at altars is common since it's believed that "the dead will be hungry on their journey home." Many altars for Selena include her favorite snacks like Doritos and Coca-Cola.


Don't forget the pie.

And this detailed altar included a pizza pie too.


All lit up.

Here, the memorabilia is top-notch and that bedazzled corset is everything. 



And we don't mind one bit. We can't get enough of Selena's gorgeous face.


Fan love.

The fan account @LoveSelenaOfficial took their devotion to Selena a step further with this incredibly detailed altar. 


Crafty kids.

In Long Beach, California young kids added their own creations and artwork to personalize their altar.


A grocery store tribute.

A simple and sweet homage to three talented Mexicans.


Leyenda status.

This display at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago truly reflects the icon Selena continues to be.


Don't forget the marigolds.

The abundance of marigolds on this altar are significant. It's believed the scent of marigold flowers help guide the dead back home.


An important addition.

No Day of the Dead altar is complete without sugar skulls.


A unique approach.

This glitter silhouette is mind-blowing.


Picture perfect.

A portrait fit for a queen.


Student love.

The students behind this altar aptly said the late Queen of Tejano "lives in our hearts."


Continued traditions.

Large papel picado banners adorn this altar. Elexia De La Parra, owner of Casa Artelexia in San Diego, and Día de los Muertos aficionado, told Vivala, the banners are often "festively strung across the altars representing wind and the fragility of life"


Star status.

Purple details are a must since that was Selena's favorite color.


Size doesn't matter.

It's the thought behind these creations that matters most. 

Want to create your own altar to honor Selena Quintanilla this Day of the Dead? Here are some tips to get you started