The secret to life is this: Don't mess with Selena fans. When it comes to fans, Selena's are the ultimate kind. Her admirers love hard and fight harder (not in the physical way, obviously). They don't tolerate false accusations, misinformed accounts of her life, and do not entertain any foolish comments you throw their way. 

If you lined up all of Selena's fans, they would link up so hard that a bulldozer would bounce off of them — nothing can knock them down. Their support for the late icon is unparalleled to anything else we have ever seen. They're the pulse that keeps her spirit alive and will continue to do "anything for Selenas!" And if this isn't enough of a reason to let these mega-fans keep dominating the space, we've listed nine other reasons to think twice before you try to go after them.

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They will correct you if you're wrong about any aspect of her life

Did you mess up a significant date in Selena's life? How about forgetting any tiny little details, like when the Selena movie forgot to add the lipstick on the microphone like Selena's real-life performances did? They will call you out so quick, so make sure you do your homework first.


Do NOT, by any means, compare her to anyone else

If you even think about comparing her to the Kardashians, you better collect your belongings, hop on a plane to another country, and never look back. 


If you're going to re-create her looks, you better make it 100 percent flawless

There is no room to get the iconic purple jumpsuit wrong unless you want to be shamed for your entire life. 


They will not tolerate any Selena hate

If you say even one foul thing about the legend, then it's time to go into the witness protection program. 


If you claim to be a fan, they will test you

They're the best of the best, and will not tolerate anything less for their community. 


If you're sharing your artwork of the singer, they will judge it

You better get it right from the lips, to the hair, to the butt — it all needs to slay! But if it's great, you will forever be loved.


In the chance you do (for some reason) attack one Selena lover, ALL of her fans will come for you

They are a family that have an unbreakable bond. 


They have a library full of photos that show she's the OG trendsetter

So don't even try saying that these "trends" are new to them. 


They're protective of what they love

At the end of the day, no matter what, they're connected through the same honor for the Tejana and just want to make sure that her legacy is respected and fairly represented. We can get behind that!