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They talked about her historic win at the Grammys that year, and she expressed the rollercoaster of emotions she went through that day.

Seeing her talk about how bummed she was that she wasn't allowed to bring her camera in to take pictures with celebrities was so relatable. That humbleness and realness is why her fanbase is still growing to this day.

Quintanilla also talked about her appearance on the telenovela "Dos mujeres, un camino" and revealed that she originally was only supposed to greet actress Bibi Gaytan and perform.

That all changed when she got there. Quintanilla ended up acting on three episodes.

The interview ended with Quintanilla introducing her newest music video for her classic song "Amor Prohibido."

Knowing that she is gone is still so heartbreaking.

Watch the full video below and prepare to get all of the feels.

h/t: Mitú