Selena Quintanilla could sing like no other, treated every performance like it was her best one yet, and my god, she would absolutely slay in her outfits. It comes as no surprise, then, that her love for fashion was so strong that she had her own boutique where she designed her own pieces.

She experimented with her looks — even if her dad wasn't a fan of the bustier — but there's one element she kept the same: coordinating. Whether with colors, fabrics, or patterns, she knew how to transform every look into a chic uniform. Making sure everything matched was her tried and true style staple, and we seriously can't get enough.

Here are 21 outfits where the Queen of Tejano proved to be the Queen of Outfit Coordination, too.


Of course the first look that comes to mind is her iconic purple jumpsuit — IT. IS. EVERYTHING.

She wore this to her biggest concert at the Houston Astrodome in Texas.


She knew how to have fun in a liquid gold ensemble.


Her love for the yellow metal was proven once again with this mini skirt moment.

Can we also talk about those badass heels?!


She ~blue~ us away with this one.

(See what we did there?)


Quintanilla wasn't afraid to show off a little leg.

The equestrian-styled coat really made this green outfit pop.


She also knew how to show off those insane abs.

Yes, that is a silver bedazzled abdomen cu-out in the jumpsuit, which matches her zapatos.


You can't forget about her accessories.

Naturally the hat, the bustier, and the belt are all blinged out to perfection.


We are here for this powder blue getup.


Her purple jumpsuit wasn't the only time she was feeling the violet vibes.


Seeing her in head-to-toe white is everything we never knew we needed.

It's not the first time she wore white like an actual angel, either.


She truly did not miss a beat with her outfits.


The attention to detail made everything cohesive.


Naturally she wore a matching bathing suit top and bottom because DUH.


If we could only be half as confident as she was wearing this cow-patterned two-piece.


She looked so good in all red...


...seriously STUNNING.


And this fuchsia number? 10/10!


Another stellar moment in purple.

So shiny, so perfect. 


Who could forget this legendary look?

It was so well-known that they included it as one of Jennifer Lopez's outfits in the "Selena" movie.


Okay, let's just have a moment for this:

EPIC — honestly, truly.