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Within a span of 24 hours, A.B. Quintanilla III went down memory lane and posted several images of his family and friends on Instagram. One of the highlights was a rare image of singer Selena Quintanilla, his late sister, and of her husband and band mate, Chris Pérez.

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The two lovebirds, smiling from ear-to-ear, seem to be chillin' as Selena is wearing navy blue silk pajamas, and Pérez is sporting a T-shirt with artwork by the iconic artist M.C. Escher. We're not sure if this picture was taking before or after the twosome were married, but just seeing this adorable couple together is simply beautiful. 

So where did A.B. find all of these unseen images of Selena? A family friend unearthed and passed them along to him. 

"The rare pics I'm about to post like this one are pics that belong to my best friend Manuel . . He was kind enough to share with all you!!!" A.B. said on Instagram. "I tripped with the pics I'm about to post cuz I've never seen them. Sit back and enjoy!!!

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Check out the rest below. Thanks for sharing these!