Our edges have been snatched by the most epic yearbook quote, and it was inspired by none other than La Reina, Selena Quintanilla.

We've never been so SHOOK by nine words... until now.

"I am a Selena in a school filled with Yolandas."


If you're a true Selena fan, then you know. We don't need to talk about she-who-shall-not-be-named.

Gabriela Saldaña is the 18-year-old mastermind behind the epic quote.

The Texas native told Vivala, 

"I have a very light sense of humor and it felt like the right thing to say to make my fellow students laugh and, at the same time, honor my idol."

Thankfully, Saldaña was very close to the yearbook teacher and got permission for it to be printed.

Although her mom and aunts begged her to change it for fear of offending people at IDEA Mission College Prep, her fellow students gave her their blessing.

"My friends laughed about it and didn't take it personal," she said. "My senior class knew how much I admired Selena and encouraged me to go for it."

And the internet has been LIVING for it.

"The comments online have been mostly positive but there have been negative comments that I've seen. I'd just like to remind people not to take it too seriously," she noted.

Saldaña really took the phrase "Anything for Selenas" to the next level.

"Selena Quintanilla has always been an inspiration to me. Her music fascinates me in every way ever since I was a little girl. I love her smile and laugh," she said.