Play-N-Skillz is back with another fire remix of Selena Quintanilla's breakup anthem, "Si Una Vez." The producing and rapping duo gave us a seriously dope Spanish version, but now they have a new version featuring Mexican-American artists that English-speaking audiences can really get into.

Just like in the first version, Frankie J is back to give us something we can feel, but this time he gave us Quintanilla's classic words in English.

So if our ex wasn't getting that they were dead to us in Spanish, this remix should do the trick.

And instead of Leslie Grace, entertainer Becky G stepped in for this round to play off of the former member of the Kumbia Kings.

We loved that the duo still sung parts of the hook in Spanish so that new fans will still get a taste of the remix's roots.

Rapper Kap G gave the song a 2017 update with a verse so strong that any ex in his life can forget about going on any Louis Vuitton shopping sprees on his dime.

We don't know if the Spanglish jam will also be getting a music video treatment at this time, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

You can listen to the fuego track in the meantime below:

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