If you grew up in a Latino household like ours, sex was never discussed. The word sex was not even mentioned at all! So when Sex and the City debuted on June 8, 1998, it's as if the Latino Gods answered our prayers, and SHE said "this is what sex is all about. . . " Even if you were too young to have seen SATC when it originally aired, the reruns alone have fueled our lives in the years since. 

So whether you are a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte, a Miranda, or a mixture of these awesome fearless ladies, SATC molded us to become a generation of goal-setting and success-driven ladies. And more importantly made us understand the importance of friendship and SEX. 

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In honor of their 18th birthday, we'd like to say thank you with this little clip that summarizes all we've learned, and continue to learn since we won't ever stop catching those reruns.

And, just like that. . . gracias!