The world came to a halt on Wednesday when Rob Kardashian decided to "expose" Blac Chyna on Instagram with nude photos, cheating accusations, and drug abuse allegations. Many are calling his actions revenge porn and voicing their disgust with his posts. It seems like everyone wants to chime in with their two cents — and rapper Snoop Dogg was no exception.

First, he posted a video asking fans to stop talking about the blow up, but it ended up turning into a heart-to-heart with Kardashian, where he advised him to take the loss and move on.

"Man, will y’all get off my line with all this mess between Blac Chyna and Rob?" Dogg said. "That’s they business. He knew what he was getting into when he got her."

"Quit crying to the internet, n****. You got more money to burn, go buy you another."

"Blac Chyna just did what she was supposed to do, she seen a sucker and she licked him. For all you suckers out there, don’t get licked. Do the licking," he added.

But Dogg didn't stop there. He posted another video where he dedicated a Mexican corrido to Kardashian!

In the new clip, Dogg is in a car with the music playing in the background and says, "Yo, I’m dedicating this song to Rob. It’s called 'La Limpia.'"

The title couldn't be more fitting! We're sure many would agree that una Limpia is definitely in order for everyone involved in this situation.

"It’s for when your dick go limp behind some shit your bitch do," he added.

Dogg went on to make some generalizations about white and black women, which was unfortunate. It took away from the moment.

According to Baller Alert's Instagram, Kardashian responded, "Man, I been listening to that song all day."

This isn't the first time Dogg has shown his appreciation for Mexican music on social media. He has jammed out to Jenni Rivera's "Envuelvete"...

Jenny ????????????

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... and "Tengo Que Colgar" by Banda MS, for example.

Snoop Dogg is about that life.

You can watch Dogg reach out to Kardashian with the song in full below.