Sofía Vergara dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres show on December 3, where she and Ellen competed in a quick (and hilarious) categories-style game of 5 Second Rule. If you’re not familiar, each participant is challenged to give three answers in five seconds or less. Spoiler alert: Ellen’s quick answers were on point while Sofia’s . . . well, she got one right! Despite the epic fail she was her coolest self.

During their short battle we learned a bit of what Sofia did during her honeymoon — like eat shrimp, and that we all have a psoas (pronounced "sou-as") muscle, which Vergara gave us a sassy anatomy lecture on. There was also the part where Vergara yelled out "chimichangas!" as a possible nickname for boobs, to which Ellen’s awesome reply was, “Well, at least we know what Joe calls them.”

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There were moments of friendly shade going on, but you could tell the two were having fun. Oh! And let’s not forget there was even some Spanish involved from both sides.

For more on their hilarious match be sure to watch the rest of the video above. Just try to not to be too loud while you burst out laughing.

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