Who decided that it was OK to make Sofia Vergara the Latino punching bag at every award show?

Despite Vergara's amazing comedic skills, the Golden Globes trotted out every unfunny, tired joke in the book as Sofia took to the stage Sunday night. And Twitter is FURIOUS.

Vergara sashayed onto the stage in a spectacular golden gown and gave the world truly embarrassing number while introducing this year's three Miss Golden Globes by mixing up the word "annual" with "anal" and "anus" on purpose.

sofia vergara
photo: Splash

“The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has an anal tradition…I mean, they have an anus tradition,” Vergara fumbled for laughs.

Making fun of her speech for the umpteenth time — and adding a gross layer of sexualization on top — enraged a Latino community who is already fed up with jokes that equate having an accent with being dumb.

sofia vergara golden globes
photo: Splash

Twitter flamed the Golden Globes for their poor choice.

And Vergara doesn't get a pass here — constantly performing the same old joke in a different way is her choice.

Does she not realize the terrible disservice she is doing to herself and all Latinos?

According to this Instagram posted by Vergara, she may have even wrote the joke.

We hope that the backlash is the wakeup call Vergara needs to hold herself to a higher standard at future speaking engagements.

She needs to make choices that ensure that the world is laughing with her and not setting her up to get laughed at for the wrong reasons.

We can't give ignorant people a leg to stand on when it comes to undermining the worth of Latinos in this country.

Come on. Do better.