Covering Selena Quintanilla is no easy feat. But when you're Solange Knowles, you step up to the challenge.

The artist has been receiving a lot of buzz after releasing her album "A Seat at the Table" earlier this month. Her fans (new and old) have been rediscovering some of her older work, and hit gold when they found a killer performance of hers from a couple years back, where she paid homage to Ms. Quintanilla.

During a concert in Paris in 2013, Knowles covered one of the Tejana singer's most legendary songs, "I Could Fall In Love With You."

We don't think that the Nouveau Casino was ready for what they were about to hear.

Knowles took creative liberty to put her own flare on the song, and it is nothing short of incredible.

You can tell that she really put her heart into it and brought out the song's emotional vulnerability.

It was beyond Knowles' flawless singing — her vibes really took the performance to the next level.

"La Reina" would be so proud.

Thank you Texas, for being the home base to both Selena and Solange!

Watch the full breathtaking performance below: