If you saw the MTV Movie Awards last night, chances are you caught a not-so-funny joke made by host Amy Schumer. Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE her! And some of her jokes actually had us rolling. But we didn’t feel that Latina/Gone Girl comparison she made in her opening monologue.

“So many great movies, this year. Gone Girl . . . how good was Gone Girl, you guys? Such a good movie. If you didn’t see it, it’s the story of what one crazed white woman – or all Latinas do – if you cheat on them,” Schumer said. “That’s a fact."

Jennifer Lopez’s reaction to her comment was priceless. Her face said it all.

We’re almost certain she uttered, “Really though?” under her breath. J. Lo didn’t look pissed or seriously offended, but read more like, "Schumer, did you really just compare us to a psychopath who enjoys slashing people’s throats?”

We’re passionate women, but that doesn’t mean we all lose our shit at any sign of infidelity. Instead of throwing her some shade, we came up with eight things people need to get right about Latinas.


We’re proud of our heritage, but not all of us speak Spanish

That’s right, some of us didn’t grow up speaking Spanish at home. You know, the same way a second- or third-generation Italian-American might not know a lick of Italian.


We don’t have anything against bright colors, but not all of us love them!

Some of us prefer darker hues or neutral shades. You can never go wrong with black.


We’re passionate but not psychopaths

There’s a big difference! Just because someone pissed us off, doesn’t mean we’re going to necessarily resort to violence. We’re capable of confronting folks in a calm and collected manner.


We don’t all know how to cook

Sure our abuelas made everything from scratch but that doesn’t mean we all inherited that culinary gene. Thank God for Seamless!


We don’t all have accents

Spanish accents (like Sofia Vergara’s) sound awesome, but a lot of us were born in the United States and speak English just like everyone else.


We’re family oriented but don’t all have HUGE families

A family reunion doesn’t look like a packed baseball stadium for all of us. Some of us have small familias.


We love family but don’t all have kids in our teens

We’re well aware that Latinas still have the highest rate of teen pregnancy. But we don’t all start having kids super young. Some of us wait until our 30s and some of us choose not to have kids at all.


We work but also go to college

Not that there’s anything wrong with working as a housekeeper or in another service industry role, but many of us are seeking careers that require higher education too. We’re all about following our dreams!