The big day is finally here! Selena Quintanilla's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is finally being unveiled, and her family is already in Los Angeles for the occasion. 

While getting a star is an incredibly exciting honor, there was no shortage of drama surrounding the event, of course. Many fans were upset when Selena's sister, Suzette Quintanilla, shared photos of the making of the star, and realized that her married last name – Perez — was left out. They wanted answers, and Suzette just gave it to them in an emotional Instagram post.

Suzette posted a video showing her burning off some steam on a bike and reminded everyone of just how difficult this day is for Selena's loved ones.

"Morning! Well today is the day! Burning off some emotional build up," Suzette wrote. "If anyone thinks this is easy for any of us, you stand to be correct my friends."

suzette quintanilla
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"I will stand along my family and friends and all the super fans that continue to love her and look up to her," she added.

The next part totally shut down critics who felt that having the star only say "Selena Quintanilla" was a slight toward husband Chris Perez.

"Selena Quintanilla birth given name that the world got to know as Simply Selena will have her Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star for all to look upon and hopefully remember when I’m gone... love you BUFFY!!"

Baby! Now THAT was a classy clap back!

"Watch out world!! Today belongs to Selena and to all who love her... See all of you later at 6:30 pm in front of Capitol Records Building," she ended.

selena quintanilla
photo: Tumblr

It is important to note that the fan suspicions were not unfounded, especially when Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., filed a lawsuit in December 2016 to stop Perez from producing a TV show based on their love story.

chris perez
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The basis of Abraham's argument is that Perez signed an agreement where he gave all of his rights to her name over to him two months after her death.

Perez has been present at events honoring Selena over the years, including the Madame Tussauds wax statue in August 2016 and the #MACSelena World Premiere in September 2016, but that was before Abraham took legal action against him. 

Fans became even more concerned about a rift when he was not included in this year's lineup of Fiesta de la Flor, an annual festival that honors Selena in Texas. But it seems like the timing of his exclusion was just pure coincidence. According to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Paulette Kluge eventually made a statement saying that he was not invited in an effort to "make sure there’s a different lineup” and that the decision was made before the lawsuit happened.

But now Suzette's clarification about Selena's star should help alleviate rumors that the decision had something to do with tension within the family. Plus, Perez already confirmed that he will be at the event himself.

selena quintanilla
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No matter what is going on behind the scenes the most important thing is ensuring that Selena's legacy lives on and that we continue to celebrate her triumphs. Anything for Selenas!

We are wishing her loved ones strength on such a major day.