Taylor Swift is proving we are not alone in our exercise struggles. On Friday, the "Bad Blood" singer tweeted a short ad for Apple Music, which she declared was “based on true events.”

In the hilarious video, a determined T-Swift is seen getting pumped up for a cardio session by blasting Drake’s “Jumpman” before jumping on a treadmill. But just as she see seemingly starts to kill it on her run (rapping Drake lyrics and all), something unfortunate, but SO funny happens. Poor Tay loses her rhythm and face-plants it, for an official score of: Treadmill: 1, T-Swift: 0.

Okay, so we know the crazy funny mishap was not real. But the fact that a lot of us probably saw ourselves in Taylor on the treadmill is what makes this video so spot-on.

So in the spirit of getting real about our gym struggles, here are nine memes that perfectly describe our sentiments about working out. We’re with you, Taylor!


Good music is everything

As Taylor Swift proved, a good song can make us feel unstoppable. 


But I'm so tired

Why does working out have to get you so sweaty?


Exercise is just so hard

Hey, walking is also a form of cardio.


We need our gym selfies

Because that's the only way to really get motivated. 


But we don't want to go to the gym!

Starting the commitment is the hardest part. 


Baby steps

Yeah, just about . . . 


The pain is real

Leg days, arm days, any day really. 


Overdoing it

You can easily regret being too ambitious.