Tecate has been around forever! At least since I uttered my first word: beer. Okay, semi joking here. However, when I saw this Tecate commercial in English, I sort of flipped (in a good way!). Then I see that the commercial stars Mexican superstar boxer Canelo Alvarez and I flipped again!

Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but it's not every day a Mexican brand has an English commercial and features a Mexican athlete. So it's sort of a big deal. In fact that's obviously the brand's intention with this first national campaign that aims at targeting bilingual Latinos.

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Brand director Belen Pamukoff told Adweek: "Our drinkers are bicultural: second or third-generation Mexicans who are also Americans who live between those two worlds but don't go far from their roots." Fact. 

Well executed. Salud!