Who could forget the television show Taina? It was so exciting to see a teenage Latina doing her thing on Nickelodeon and giving young girls a positive role model. The series only ran for two seasons, but in that time Taina Morales and the gang covered so much of what many of us dealt with in high school from figuring out what to wear to our quinceañera to holding onto our Spanish heritage as we began to spread our wings.

No one really knows why the show got canceled, especially after getting such great ratings and rave reviews in it's second season, but it was definitely not a lack of star power. We saw a string of Latino artists in cameo appearances alongside our girl as she chased her dreams of musical and acting stardom. Shakira, Luis Fonsi, Solange Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Jaci Velasquez, and Nick Cannon were just some of the big names that guest-starred on the series.

So what happened to the colorful cast of Taina and what have they been up to since the show aired its final episode back in 2002?


Taina and Renee

After portraying the show’s titular character, Christina Vidal went on to act alongside Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2003 Disney film Freaky Friday. (Fun fact: Vidal, who unsuccessfully tried to release a solo album while acting on Taina, sang the song “Take Me Away” in the Freaky Friday soundtrack.) That same year, the Nuyorican also made appearances on Sabrina the Teenaged Witch and later when on to make a cameo on the hit sitcom Girlfriends in 2006. She also starred in the horror film See No Evil in which she and a cast of juveniles attempt to fend off a murderous psychopath with a penchant for ripping his victim’s eyes out. More recent appearances include BET’s Being Mary Jane as well as CBS’s Limitless and a recurring role in Code Black. She’s also helping others find their way into the limelight as an acting coach.

Once Taina was cancelled, Khaliah Adams, who played Taina’s best friend Renee Aretha Jones, did various voices for the children’s animated program Dora the Explorer until 2007. A year later, she appeared on an episode of NBC’s comedy-drama Lipstick Jungle.


Lamar Carlos

Christopher Knowings, who played Taina’s friend and ever-hopeful admirer Lamar Carlos Johnson, joined the cast of Sesame Street in 2007 and is still working on the popular children’s show.


Daniel McDaniels

David Oliver Cohen, who portrayed Lamar’s partner-in-crime Daniel McDaniels in the series, went on the national tour of Rent soon after Taina ended and starred in the soap opera As the World Turns from 2006 to 2007. In 2010, he directed and produced the documentary Fast Boy, which was written by his wife, Cristi Andrews, about a young man named Ezra and his struggle with colorectal cancer. On a less serious note, he created (along with friends) the character of Babe Walker, who chronicled her struggles as an, ahem, white girl, is the fictional memoir White Girl Problems. Hilarious!


Maritza Hogg

LaTangela Newsome gave Taina a run for her money as the aspiring pop star’s nemesis Maritza Hogg, but the pair sometimes came together for the occasional common cause. After her evil rival days, Newsome appeared in the 2008 film Rim Shop. In 2011, the actress/singer/songwriter released her debut single “Imma Do Me” and music video under her own label SilverShadow Productions. She’s also published a children’s book titled Military Bratz, which addresses cyber bullying.