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Game of Thrones released three new teasers for season 6, and in true GoT form, they don't disclose much, but definitely leave us wanting more. Just like November's promo poster, which had us wondering (spoiler alert!) if Jon Snow is alive or not, these brief promos just drove our curiosity and anticipation through the roof. 

If you haven't already chosen which family you'll pledge your loyalty to, the teasers hint that it's time to take a side. You've got the Targaryens, Starks, and Lannisters — each has experienced so much loss and heartache, that it's almost hard to imagine what will come next. The ominous teasers were released on Friday, and fans have been sharing their excitement online. Check out the promo clips below and see just how hyped fans are for season six of Game of Thrones to return on April 24.

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