If the rumors are true, it definitely didn't take long for Tyga to move on from Kylie Jenner. Fresh off their split, Tyga was seen with aspiring lingerie model Demi Rose Mawby in Cannes, according to Yahoo. Speculation continued to flourish after Mawby posted a selfie of the two on her Snapchat — we're pretty sure Jenner and Mawby aren't friends on that social media site, or any site for that matter. Though neither Mawby or Tyga has made a comment as to their current status, it seems safe to say that the pair are definitely having some fun together. 

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Unfortunately for us, there's not too much to know about Mawby yet. If you look at her Instagram account, she has the Colombian flag next to the British flag which leads you to assume that they both have a role in her ethnicity. People reports that she's five foot two and has posed for men's magazines like FHM. According to InTouch, Mawby is 21 years old and was staying at the same hotel with Tyga while in Cannes. And her Instagram profile shows us that she's a bit of an influencer, as she commonly does product placements to capitalize on her two million follower fan base — she joined Insta to "topple a fake user," according to FHM.

Trying to figure out who she is feels like solving a mystery — we're just putting the bits and pieces of clues together. However, we're pretty sure we're about to see a whole lot more information pop up about her, unless she was just a rebound for the rapper. Whatever the case may be, Tyga is doing him and Jenner is doing her, and that's all that matters.