James Andrew Leyva is the 25-year-old drag queen known as "Valentina" — and he's made his alter ego a fan-favorite on Rupaul's Drag Race season nine.

The Mexican-American performer is extremely proud of his culture and has made it the centralized theme of his jaw-dropping drag, which he had only been doing for 10 months before filming Rupaul's Drag race, btw. "Being Latino and being Mexican, it’s everything that I am and I try to make sure no matter what I’m doing, it’s always through the eye and through the lens of a powerful Latina woman," he told LAist. 

The embrace of his Latin identity is what sets him apart from a lot of the other queens and what influences him as Valentina. "[I want to] shed some light to being queer in Latin America and carve a path for the artistry of [drag being] respected in Latin America,” he said in an interview with LA Weekly. He really is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

We love how has been representing for the Latinx community, and with a drag name inspired by the Mexican hot sauce, what's not to love? 

To celebrate this queen, we're sharing 13 of her amazing looks that will have you SHOOK:



Come on, mariachi realness! 


We are living for this ballerina glam.

En pointe! 


We can only pray to look this breathtaking on our wedding day.


A true telenovela queen.

Valentina did say she gets her aesthetics from telenovelas, after all.


*screams in Spanish*

Red is her color.


Too beautiful for words.


No, really, Valentina is next-level flawless.


It's unfair how stunning she is.

We can't get over it.


Valentina was born just for this all-white moment.

We're sure of it.


Serving us Vogue editorial, honey!

The pose, the face, and the outfit is literal perfection.


Even when she's sitting on a bar without shoes, she's killin' it.


An actual peachy-pink goddess.

And she knows it too.



She captioned this photo, "Mujer Latina," and we couldn't have said it any better ourselves.