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Pump the breaks — it's come to our attention that New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, is in hot water. His fiancée Elaina Watley allegedly sent a text to a group of women that Cruz has been talking to on the side — damn, modern technology, am I right? Now it hasn't been confirmed on whether or not the screenshot of that group text she sent out is true, but it definitely go our attention. We can only assume that this Latino football player has women throwing themselves at him left and right, but we don't want to believe that he cheated. 

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Now we totally understand that we don't know their relationship and what happens behind closed doors, but we do know that Cruz has some pretty great qualities. While they could never be enough to justify cheating, we are crossing our fingers that this is just an internet hoax and he doesn't fall into the stereotypical football player category when it comes to relationships with women. So until we hear official word on the matter, we have seven reasons why he's a stand up guy and hope that him and his fiancée can look back at the media and laugh. 


He's a respected Latino athlete

While Latino representation in fútbol is high, it isn't quite the same for football. As Latino players aren't very prominent in this sport, to have one that performs well is a huge deal. 


Him and his fiancée are high school sweethearts

They have been engaged over a year now — since July 2014. They have over a decade of being with each other, and to have that end would be completely heartbreaking. Let true love live on! 


They have a beautiful daughter together

Kennedy Cruz is 3 years old and a cute representation of the couple. Cruz actually proposed to Watley, in the middle of a prayer circle at a baby dedication ceremony for Kennedy.


He values the women in his life

Cruz has a great relationship with his mother and coins her as his biggest advocate and even honors his late abuela with a salsa dance when he scores a touchdown, which bring us to our next point...


He honors his culture

Cruz learned how to salsa from his grandmother, and while he is paying tribute to her every time he scores a touchdown, he is also paying homage to his Puerto Rican roots in front of thousands of viewers in the stands on on screen. 


He gives back

Growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, Cruz felt that it was necessary to give back to his community. Cruz’s started his own foundation, The Victor Cruz Foundation, back in 2012, and the mission is, "Promoting educational and financial literacy programs, college readiness and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M) initiatives." He's also the NFL ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60, aimed to empower youth.


He wrote a book hoping to inspire youth

The advice he gave to kids in Paterson in his book Out Of The Blue can apply to kids all over the world, "Stay focused and use my story as inspiration. Know that no matter what goes wrong throughout your life that you can get through it, you can conquer it and move on to the next step of your life without taking a step back."